Systems and Ventilation

Air ventilation has become a necessity given how polluted can be it in particular in spaces intended for professional internships. Each environment requires a fresh air free of impurities.

Inside space intended for commercial activities residential and industrial it is necessary to ensure proper air ventilation.

To ensure this choose to install effective ventilation system.

Such equipment can be found in the company’s offer HVAC&R Consulting, at price more than advantageous.

To implement a system of ventilation can be chosen (depending on the destination use of the ventilated space and specific conditions) for axial fans, centrifugal, wall, window, explosion, corrosive environments, for transport of materials in suspension.

You can opt for round or rectangular tubing, with different section, flow rates, pressures available.

Hoods (if is necessary) may have different shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials (galvanized sheet, stainless steel).

Taking into account the space size and number of rooms, we can guide you through the many options available.

Our equipment provide air circulation and filtration, have a high energy performance and a long lifetime, in accordance with the legal norms in force.

Our technicians can diagnose and repair any type of ventilation system and not only.

We offer preventive maintenance to extend operating system installed ventilation equipment, and for others installed, by third parties.

Our team will ensure that your ventilation system working properly, with maximum efficiency and low consumption.

For the installation of a ventilation system, maintenance or repairs, please do not hesitate to let us know, and our experts will came up with a proposal in timely and effective.

Our priority is to gain the trust of our customers by focusing all our resources into providing services in a timely manner.

HVAC&R is a company specialized in the implementation of ventilation system.