History of biofiltration

  • 1923 : The first proposal for using biological methods to treat odors.
  • 1955 : For the first time were applied biological methods to treat emissions of taint with low concentrations in Germany.
  • 1959 : It was installed a environment that contains ground in a Biofiltration to treat gaseous emissions in Nuremberg.
  • 1960 : Biofiltration was used for the first time in the treatment of polluting gas emissions both in Germany and in USA.
  • 1970 : Biofiltration is very widespread and used in Germany.
  • 1980 : Biofiltration is used for the toxic emissions treatment and to VOCS in the industry.
  • 1990 : There are more than 500 Biofilters which works both in Germany and in the Netherlands and spread in the USA.