Industial refrigeration plant

Our customers comfort depends on our performance, and we take your business seriously.

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Our company is always chosen when customers put first quality and professionalism, criteria which guaranteeing technique performance and reliability at the top level.

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Equipment, whatever their nature, are modern with maximum efficiency and low consumption.

Our company offers to the clients, specific equipment for industrial refrigeration plant (aggregates, compressor, refrigeration) as necessary, standards and regulation in force in the halls, warehouses, rooms and any other spaces of refrigeration or freezing, quick freezing tunnels, air-conditioning spaces, made from various types of insulating panels with various types of freezer door and furniture store trading/shops turnkey.

Take into account the dimensions of space, number of rooms, and we can guide you through many options available.

We also offer preventive maintenance to extend the operation of equipment fitted, and for others, installed by third parties.

For installation or industrial refrigeration plant ,maintenance or repair, do not hesitate to contact us and our specialists will come with a proposal in a timely and effective day.

Our priority is to gain the trust of our clients by focusing of all our resources into providing efficient service in a timely manner.

HVACR is company specialized in industrial refrigeration plant technique , heating , air conditioning plants,filtro-ventilation plants, filtro-ventilation cmid industrial plants and, technological climate,heat pumps, GEO-Thermal heat pumps, GEO-HYDRO-thermal, solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, eco-biofilter systems, wind energy.