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HVAC&R Consulting Ltd has the general profile of activity consulting, design, marketing, installation and service for equipment and installation of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and industrial cold.



customer recommendations


− Eng. Aurel Soare
Quality Manager
“I hereby SC ADARCO INVEST Ltd Petrosani, reveals that in the more than twenty complex sorting installation, which is deliverd in the country and abroad, had the constant partner company HVAC&R Consulting Ltd Lugoj.
Ventilation, air-conditioning installation and filtro-ventilation than HVAC&R Consulting Lugoj made it, designed, delivered and put into operation at the locations of the beneficiaries of these sorting installations, have met every time our assessments and have been endorsed by our customers.
Also the service activities of warranty and post-warranty on that company’s specialists HVACR Consulting Lugoj, they have performed with promptly whenever necessary of professionalism with a highly organized and within specified time limits.
Based on this consideration, we recommended that company up stressing that in the specific field of activity is a proven partner trust and professionalism at the top level

"In this document we wish to express our satisfactions vis-à-vis the service works and services provided by HVAC&R Consulting company, reading maintenance, installation and maintenance of cooling system from cutting laser installation and hot press used in the production process.
We have an efficient collaboration, with support from engineers and technicians of the company, which have proved timeless and professionalism in solving problems encountered with existing equipment or transferred to other locations , and which, in our case, they created various problems in operation.
I recommended, in this way, the HVAC&R Consulting company, based on good experience of cooperation and on the basis in projects of acquisition, installation and service in good condition of cooling and ventilation equipment for industrial production processes."

− Claudiu Godinel
Maintenance Manager
Autoliv Textile Romania


− Ec. Mircea Hristofor
Manager Procurement-Logistics
Hidroconstructia SA

"We hereby express our full satisfaction about the works performed by the company HVAC&R Consulting Ltd regarding installation and maintenance of air conditioning-heating, ventilation and freezing-refrigeration company giving proof of high professionalism in the design and execution of works and promptness in interventions requested by us.
We recommend the company HVAC&R Consulting Ltd for design-assembly-maintenance installations of air conditioning-heating, ventilation and freezing-refrigeration for commercial premises, industrial buildings, offices, etc."

− Gheorghe Atudoroaie
General Manager
Iulius Mall Timisoara


The most representative projects


TMD CARANSEBES (Exhaust Anticorrosion and Antiexplosion)

KOKENY HUNGARY (Modern Center of Waste Management)

Clinical Hospital of Emergency Timisoara: Air-conditioning

RANDLER TIMISOARA: Heating with thermal power plant and air-conditioning

Iridex: Systems of bio-filtration with the cyclones

HIDROCONSTRUCTIA: Modern Centers of Waste Management

BCR Timisoara: Air-Conditioning

ROMPETROL : Exhaustare antiexplozibila a prafului si a substantelor

REGHIN: Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

AUTOLIV-LUGOJ: Air Conditioning (Installation+ Maintenance)

ADARCO: Modern Centers of Waste Management




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